The Axon’ group

Axon' design and manufacture innovative cabling, interconnect solutions, cable assemblies, connectors and mini systems for high tech applications.


Axon' inaugurates its new factory in Hungary

One year after the first stone was laid, Axon’ will inaugurate its new factory in Kecskemét on 21st May and will celebrate its anniversary. Already set up in Hungary for 15 years as Axon’ Kábelgyártó Kft., the leading provider of composite cables, connectors and cable assemblies for high tech markets made the decision to build its own factory. The construction of the building based on sustainable development progressed very quickly.

A cable resistant to over 1000°C

An electrical cable resistant to a temperature of over 1000°C? Axon’ has created one.Let’s imagine a cable which is so resistant to fire that It continues working for 3 hours. This kind of cable exists. This is the Vibraflame® range offered by Axon’ Cable.

Axon' is 50 year: first celebrations in India

On 18th February, Axon’ started to celebrate its 50th anniversary in Bangalore in India. Axon’ exhibited at Aero India, Asia Premier’s air show. Many visitors, including the Indian Defense Minister, showed much interest in Axon’s products. Our expertise in defense, aeronautics and space was specifically highlighted.

Industrial companies innovate better and quicker with Open Innovation

With 50 years of experience in interconnect technologies, Axon’ Cable has a longstanding tradition of innovation.  The 5DCnium is an excellent opportunity for our clients to take advantage  of the concept of Open Innovation.

Loupot changes its name to Axon' Mechatronics

Loupot, the subsidiary of the French Interconnect group Axon’ Cable, officially announces its change of name to Axon’ Mechatronics. This evolution has 2 objectives: enhance its visibility on a worldwide level and focus on its core business in mechatronics.



Electronics and Automotion

2 - 4 Jun 2015



Electronics & automation



10 - 11 Jun 2015



Booth B131 



Paris Air Show

15 - 21 Jun 2015


Paris Le Bourget -France

Booth C108 Hall 2b 

Aeronautics & space


Brasil Offshore

23 - 26 Jun 2015



Oil & Gas



25 - 30 Aug 2015



Aerospace & Defense


Foire de Chalons en Champagne

28 Aug - 7 Sep 2015


Capitole - Châlons en Champagne-France


Download the latest brochures and documents issued by Axon’.

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  • CSR

    Be a long-lasting company and having long term relationships with our partners are our priorities. This main objective for Axon’ has been the guideline of our values for 50 years. As full part of an ecosystem, Axon’ focuses its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on its employees, students, communities, artists and associations.

Axon' Companies

In addition to Axon' Cable, the Axon' group comprises 3 complementary companies, covering a rich and diverse range of capabilities in interconnect solutions and systems.

Axon' Websites

  • Micro D Connectors

    This small website gives a quick overview of axon' micro D connector range. Rectangular or circular connectors, you will find the very connector that you need.

  • Axon' Cable designs and manufactures custom designed cables and assemblies for medical devices. This website presents our expertise for medical applications.

  • As an expert in flat flex cables, Axon' has developed LVDS flat flex cables for HD displays. is dedicated to this specific range.

  • Discover the website of our sister company Axon’ Mechatronics, Division Loupot, the expert in interconnect and process automation.

  • The website gives an overview of e-health solutions in terms of home automation solutions and automatic warning system.

  • One of Domocare's activity is to provide Voice-data-image networks.