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Axon' design and manufacture innovative cabling, interconnect solutions, cable assemblies, connectors and mini systems for high tech applications.


This will raise a SMILE - Axon’s MicroMach connector takes off !

Axon’s newest High Data Rate connector – the MicroMach® – developed under an ESA Technology Development Element (TDE) and born from the twin legacies of the company’s Micro-D connectors and AxoMach® High Data Rate family has been selected for its first ESA mission – SMILE!

Versatys® outbests D-Sub connectors

Ultra-fast connection and modularity all in a tiny parcel!  This is what the new range of Versatys® connectors developed by Axon’ Cable offers.  Derived from Micro-D technology, these miniature connectors can be mated and locked in place without any tooling and all in a single click.  The time saving is obvious!  Compared with power D-Sub, Versatys® connectors deliver substantial space and weight savings while achieving the same and even better overall performance.

Impact of Coronavirus on Axon' Cable, its subsidiaries and customers

Given the woldwide propagation of Covid19 and the decisions taken by the different governments in the countries where we have subsidiaries, we would like to keep you informed of the new procedures in place within our organisations, effective from Tuesday 17th March 2020.

A solar mission for Axon' Cable

Solar Orbiter, the space mission resulting from an international collaboration between ESA and NASA has just been launched from Cape Canaveral by an Atlas V411 rocket. It will take two years to reach its operational orbit. Aboard the satellite, 10 scientific instruments will help to scrutinize  the sun. Many scientific institutes and industrial partners have contributed to this mission, which is expected to make unprecedented high-resolution observations of the solar poles. Interconnect links designed and manufactured by Axon' Cable are on their way to the sun.

Airbus awards Axon'

Airbus has just given the Award of Industrial Excellence 2019 to Axon’. This award illustrates our reliability in terms of quality and logistics as well as our capability in offering technical and industrial solutions to the aerenoautics giant.

Many more micro-D step files to download !

About 90 000 step files! This is the number of micro-D step files you can now download from 700 micro-D step files were already available but you can now have access to a much larger range of specs: rectangular, circular, combo, nano-D, combo, backshells and hardware.

Radatox, wires and cables resistant to atomic oxygen

Space, above us, is far from empty.  The extra-terrestrial threat is real, mainly for satellites and the International Space Station in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).  The enemy here is the environment in which satellites are evolving.  The multiple threats include radiation, ultraviolet radiation and impact from orbital debris, micrometeoroids and especially atomic oxygen (ATOX).  ATOX corrosion can cause very severe damage to spacecraft exteriors orbiting at less than 1000 km altitude.  In order to face the threat, Axon’ Cable has developed a “weapon” which makes interconnect links highly resistant: RadatoxTM.




3 - 5 Jul 2020



Electronics & automation


Foire de Châlons en Champagne

4 - 14 Sep 2020


Capitole - Châlons en Champagne-France


Mexico Aerospace Summit

27 - 28 Oct 2020



Aeronautics & space


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