Terms and Conditions of Sales

LAST UPDATED – 3rd September 2013

  • 1. Acceptance of terms

    By accessing or using the Webstore of the Site, you agree to the terms and conditions of sales and to any additional rules and guidelines that we may post on the Site. We may make changes to this Terms and Conditions (and to any such additional rules and guidelines) from time to time. The applicable version of the Terms and conditions of sales is the one which is accessible on the Site when you send the order. We may, at any time, modify or discontinue all or part of the Site including the Webstore.

  • 2. Contracting parties

    This Agreement is between “the Customer” (also referred to as “you”) and Axon’ Cable and its affiliates (referred to below collectively as “Axon,” “we,” and “us”). Only professionals are allowed to order Products on the Webstore.

  • 3. Contract

    A legally binding contract will be formed between Axon’ Cable and the Customer when Axon’ Cable has confirmed the receipt of the order.

  • 4. Cancellation

    An order accepted by Axon’ Cable shall never be cancelled or postponed without express and written agreement of Axon’ Cable. In case of acceptance of the cancellation, the customer will nevertheless pay a compensation equal to 70% of the amount of the order considering the expenses engaged by Axon’ Cable for the cancellation of the order and the purchase of raw materials.

  • 5. Price and payment

    The prices and conditions specified on the webstore of the site are without warranty of time. Axon reserves the right to modify the prices of the products indicated on the website, on the understanding that the new price is applied only to orders placed after the new price has come into effect. The prices of the Products mentioned on the Site do not include the delivery costs and the VAT. The delivery costs will be communicated to the Customer on the Site before he sends his order. Once the bank has validated the payment, the invoice is sent to you per e-mail and the goods are sent to you by Axon’. If the bank does not validate the payment, Axon’ does not deliver the goods ordered and may cancel the order by sending an e-mail to the Customer. Payments are carried out only by credit card. Payments are made in Euro. . In case of late payment, a penalty corresponding to three times the legal interest rate will be automatically due by the customer. In such a case, a lump sum fee for recovery of an amount of €40 will also be due.

  • 6. Delivery

    The delivery date or period communicated to the Customer is only indicative. Products ordered from Axon’ Cable are delivered by Fedex. In case of any incident during the transit, the Customer must lodge its complaint against Fedex on times and forms according to the dispositions of the L 133-3 and L 133-4 articles of the French Code de Commerce. Flat flexible cables which are sold via the webstore are in stock.

  • 7. Transport and reception of products

    The products of AXON' CABLE always travel at the risks and the dangers of the customer, whatever the modalities of sale and transport may be. The number and the condition of products should be necessarily checked at reception by the customer. Any complaint concerning the products sold by AXON' CABLE should be formally lodged by registered mail in 8 days period from the date of reception of products by the customer or any third party appointed by it. After this period the products will be irrevocably considered as corresponding to what had been ordered and no further complaint shall be accepted by AXON' CABLE.

  • 8. Force Majeure

    AXON' CABLE can be released from all or any of its obligations without damages in case of force majeure. Are notably considered as force majeure : acts of God, natural disasters, fires, serious accidents of material or equipment, mobilization, , war, epidemics, interruptions of transport, rough of raw material, modification of the regulations of customs, total or partial strikes, within AXON' CABLE or the supplier's companies.

  • 9. Warranties and liabilities

    Axon’Cable warrants its products against any defect of material, manufacture or design fault during one year from the date of receipt in the customer’s premises.

    If the customer considers that the delivered products are affected by any defect or fault he should inform AXON' CABLE without any delay by registered mail precising the defects or faults of the products and supplying any document to prove their reality.
    The customer should allow AXON' CABLE to notice the defects or faults. AXON' CABLE shall only be liable of defects and faults it acknowledges. If products are defective, AXON' CABLE shall replace them free of charge. AXON' CABLE’s warranties is strictly limited to this above obligation of replacement and it is expressly agreed that AXON'CABLE will not be indebted to the customer neither for any kind of damage nor for any other kind of expenses.
    The customer shall not, except prior and written agreement of AXON' CABLE, proceed either itself, or by a third party, to any kind of reparation on product presumed defective. Any infringement to this disposition will entail ipso facto the break of the warranty. AXON' CABLE's warranty shall be excluded in case of : faults resulting from the material supplied by the customer, from the conception imposed by the customer ; incidents resulting, from force majeure, from deterioration resulting from the normal wear of products, from a deterioration due to a lack of maintenance or supervision or from the carelessness of the customer, from deterioration due to an installation or a purpose for which the product has not been conceived, modification realised on products by the customer without prior license of AXON' CABLE, or deterioration caused by force majeure.
    Finally, it is notified that no complain shall be lodged against AXON' CABLE specially damages shall not be demanded in case of disputes among the customer and its own customers.

  • 10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

    Any and all disputes, controversies or differences which may arise out of or in relation to these general conditions of sale shall be resolved by the Commercial Court of REIMS (FRANCE).The present general conditions of sale shall be enforced under the laws of FRANCE. AXON CABLE and the Customer agree that the United Nations Convention on the International Sale of Goods will not apply to this Agreement.