Overmoulded Parts

As an expert in elastomeric components since over 60 years, Addix specialises in the design and manufacturing of overmoulded parts including bonded parts. Different kinds of moulding are possible: elastomers over elastomers, elastomers over plastics, elastomers over metal, elastomer over PTFE, elastomers over textile.

Addix has been a company of the Axon’ group since 1994.

  • Compared to a simple overmoulding, adherization helps 2 materials to better adhere each other.
  • Any size is possible: from a few milligrams to several kilos.
  • Any quantity: prototype, small volume, medium volume and large volume.
  • Different types of moulding process: compression moulding, transfer moulding, injection moulding.
  • Used compounds:
    • Silicone, fluorinated silicone, Vitax (FKM-FPM)
    • Natural rubber (NR)
    • EPDM
    • NBR
    • Aeronautics approved compounds
    • FDA compounds
  • Aeronautics, military and space
  • Offshore and oil exploration
  • Medical
  • Industry

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