Axon' opens an IT campus called "Axocamp"

21 Mar 2017

Become a software engineer within 2 years and get a job in an innovative company. This is the proposal that Axon’ Cable is making to job seekers without training but motivated and interested by IT. This is a challenging project which aims at training 12 people per year in order to meet the company’s growing needs in IT engineers. The selected candidates start their training on 27th March.

Industry of the Future

Modernizing our industrial tool means multiplying the use of digital technologies at all stages of the industrial supply chain including web-marketing, 3D printing, on-line sensor, automation systems, machine digital controls, logistics, Big Data management. All functions in production but also in sales, design, purchasing, and human resources are concerned by the digitization process.

Looking for IT engineers who like the countryside

But how to attract IT engineers who can choose from a variety of positions, in a company located in the countryside? Mr Puzo’s idea: create a training school for talents in IT who have not been revealed yet. Having skills in logic and abstraction, being organized, being able to work as part of a team, being autonomous and having a basic level in English. These are the qualities candidates must have.

After the selection stage, the 12 students follow a continuous training scheme for three and a half months, followed by combinations of work and training for 13 months. This training will be led by trainers from two local training centres and staff from Axon’ Cable.  Affordable furnished flats will be provided to trainees who also will receive wages. At the end of the training, the candidates will have an exam to obtain a diploma of “Software Developer” and “Diploma of Language Competence”. Axon’ will offer jobs to these graduates