Axon' Cable participates to ITER Business Forum

29 Mar 2017

Axon' Cable is participating to the ITER business forum from 28th to 30th March 2017 in Avignon. This is a good opportunity to meet the companies who take part to one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world. As supplier of interconnect for challenging environment, Axon' Cable contributes to the project.

Energy of the Sun on earth

35 countries collaborate to build the world's largest magnetic fusion device. The challenge is to prove the feasibility of fusion as carbon-free source of energy. Fusion is the energy of the Sun and stars. Axon' Cable takes part to the adventure by provinding wires and cables insulating with polyimide or Poliax® insulating material developed by Axon'. Our cables connect the system for dignostic and instrumentation of supraconductor magnets. Interconnect solutions offered by Axon' are able to resist extreme conditions including ultra high vacuum applications, cryogenic temperatures etc. Axon' Cable can not only manufacture cables for challenging conditions but also design hermetic micro D connectors.