Interconnect solutions for the battlefield

4 Apr 2017

Axon' promote its interconnect solutions for harsh environment at the IDET show in Brno in Czech Republic from 31st May to 2nd June. Our sales engineers expect your visit on Stand 45, Hall PAV P. Rugged cable assemblies, micro-D connectors, multi-branched harnesses and EMI optimized interconnect solutions, see our solutions at IDET.

Weight saving and miniaturization

Weight saving, miniaturisation, electrical performance and mechanical resilience, these are all challenges met by cabling solutions designed by Axon’ Cable. From the flight command system to the aircraft tail, Axon’ engineers design avionic systems specifically adapted to the needs and production volumes of its customers.  With 1.27 mm contact spacing, Micro-D connectors which are half the size of D-sub connectors are an ideal solution for weight saving. Axon’ also offers connectors which are 4 times smaller as D-Sub connectors. Although miniature connectors made by Axon’ are small, they are robust and resistant to vibrations. This range of products is interesting for communication devices used by soldiers.

Data transmission                                    

For space or avionics applications, Axon’ has manufactured data transmission harnesses in compliance with the MIL-STD-1553 standard for many years. These reliable transmission networks offer high security of data, signal integrity, weight and space saving.

Robustness and electromagnetic protection

Whether for air or land battlefields, Axon’ Cable designs reliable and rugged interconnects. The company can not only manufacture its own conductors and cables but has also a large expertise in cable jacketing and overmoulding. The expertise of Axon’ in these techniques allows the company to offer cable assemblies which are very robust including in the connecting area.  The overmoulding must perfectly adhere to the cable in order to offer a reliable mechanical protection to the cable assembly in hostile environment. Technical solutions including shielding, overbraiding or accesories allow for optimized electromagnetic protection.