Axon' Cable in Singapore

10 Jul 2017

The French group Axon' Cable, located in the Champagne region in France, has opened an office in Singapore. The company who had been represented by an agent for 20 years has decided to open its new structure in order to strengthen the technical support to customers mainly in aeronautics, space and electronics industry.

More technical support

The city-state of Singapore has an important role in all the nearby countries (Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia). In order to increase sales in the ASEAN zone, it was decided to create a technical office in Singapore in March 2017. With a significant part of its turnover in avionics, space and defense, the Singapore office will benefit from Axon' rapid development of interconnect innovations: over 10% of its turnover is invested in research.

A large expertise in interconnect solutions for aerospace

Axon' Cable will highlight its expertise in cable assemblies for challenging environments to Asian customers. Power distribution in satellites, high frequency interconnects for radar, cable assemblies terminated wiht micro-D connectors and twist capsules are just a few examples of interconnect solutions the company is able to develop.

More presence in Asia

Axon' Cable Singapore office will participate to the next Singapore Airshow which will take place from 6th to 11th February 2018. This not-to-be-missed event will be a good opportunity for Axon' to exhibit cabling solutions. Axon' Cable Singapore will benefit from the support from the Indian subsidiary which is presently building brand new premises next to the airport in Bangalore. The Singapore office will also be able to rely on the Chinese factory dedicated to the production of Flat Flexible cables, cut and stripped parts designed for electronics and automotive markets.