Axon' Cable contributes to very high precision images of the earth

1 Sep 2017

At the beginning of August, two Israeli observation satellites built by IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) were sent into orbit by European launcher VEGA from the Guiana Space Centre (CSG). The first one, OptSat 3000, is a military satellite made for Italy and the second one, Venµs (Vegetation and Environment monitoring on a New Micro-Satellite), is a French-Israeli mission which aims at collecting data and better understanding climate change on the blue planet. On-board the two spacecrafts able to make extremely focused pictures, electrical connections made by Axon’ Cable equip several electronic devices.

The earth under a magnifying glass

Once again, Axon’ Cable contributes to a technical feat. The French company equips the OPTSAT-3000 military satellite, which will be used by the Italian army, and the Venµs vegetation-monitoring satellite. Axon’ Cable is involved on several levels: the company has supplied miniature connectors, wires, cables and harnesses (cable assemblies terminated with connectors) for the platforms of both satellites but also for the telescope developed by Elbit Elop which is aboard Venµs. It has the scientific ability to identify several light spectrums not visible to the naked eye.  Axon’ has not only worked with Elop to develop the telescope testing device but also equips the inside and outside of the test chamber with custom-designed connectors. In addition, Axon’ has supplied connectors and cables which interconnect the telescope to the Venµs satellite.  

Venµs, a high resolution satellite

Venµs is a French-Israeli project which aims at observing earth vegetation. French Space Agency CNES states: “Venµs’s unprecedented revisit rate, high spatial resolution, constant viewing angles and rich spectral detail will enable scientists to better understand and model land surface change being driven by climate and human activities.“ The objective of the mission is to collect a large amount of data to improve agricultural production and irrigation management.