Axon' Cable exhibits at Compamed

10 Nov 2017

Patient-friendly, easy to handle, biocompatible and sterilisable. These are the qualities of cables and cable assemblies Axon' Cable is able to provide to medical devices. Our engineers use silicone or thermoplastics to manufacture assemblies designed for autoclave sterilization. Discover our custom designed interconnect solutions at Compamed, booth E14B hall 8B in Düsseldorf from 13th to 16th November 2018.It will also a good opportunity for Axon' Nanotec, specialist in nano-technologies to showcase its expertise.

Make the cleaning easier

Axon’ medical cable assemblies are insulated and overmoulded with thermoplastic polymers (such as PVC, TPU, TPE) and other plastic materials.  They have been chosen for the method of sterilization (disinfecting, plasma sterilization, ethylenoxyde, gamma sterilization) and for the level of biocompatibility required by the customer (FDA, USP XXIII class VI, ISO 10993). The overmoulding shapes are also designed to make the cleaning easier.

Axon’ also uses silicone or thermoplastics (FEP, TPE, etc) to manufacture assemblies designed for autoclave sterilization at 121°C or 134 °C.  Both low pressure and high pressure overmoulding techniques are well known by Axon’.  The company can offer an overmoulding with a different material to the one used for the cable – for example, a silicone overmoulding (low pressure) on a TPU insulated cable – while guaranteeing the adherence of the materials between one another.


Axon' Nanotec has joined the Axon' group at the beginning of 2017. The company specializes in the manufacture of high precision parts for watches but also for other high-tech markets including medical, avionics, space,etc. Axon’ Nanotec is an expert in nano-cutting, nano-injection, nano-assembling.