Axon' exhibits on LAAD

27 Mar 2019

Axon’ will be present at the Laad show from 2nd to 5th April 2019, on Stand 0 128, Pavilion 4 in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The company will highlight its expertise in miniature connectors, high date rate links, custom designed cables and cable assemblies. Another significant challenge regularly addressed by Axon’: the design of rugged interconnects suited for the battlefield.

Robustness and electromagnetic protection
Whether for air, land or marine battlefields, Axon’ designs reliable and rugged interconnects. Moreover, communication systems for soldiers have to be lightweight and compact. In the context of electronic warfare, electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a key issue to be considered for military electronic equipment. Not just the cables but the whole interconnect system has to be protected against EMI so that communication and navigation systems can play their role on the battlefield

Weight and space saving
Wires, cables and cable assemblies offered by Axon’ Cable are manufactured with conductors and lightweight materials in order to reduce overall mass in aircraft where every gram counts.  As the available space is very limited, Axon’ manufactures interconnect solutions designed to ease the routing and mechanical installation.  For example, in order to connect the flight command system, Axon’ designs cable assemblies terminated by Micro-D connectors.  Although miniature, these connectors are highly resistant to both vibration and shock.  Axon’ has also developed highly flexible cables which can greatly ease mechanical installation and thereby improve the resulting interconnect life.

On-board interconnects for UAVs
Security of radar and image transmission, high data rates, weight and space saving, these are the operational constraints of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s). On their Laad stand, Axon’ will highlight interconnects designed for these flying objects. Ranging through from miniature micro-D cable assemblies to microwave RF cable assemblies for radar or surveillance systems, Axon’s range of on-board interconnects is impressive.

A high-level company
The flight heritage of the company speaks for itself: data bus harnesses for A400M, A350,  miniature micro-D connectors and cable assemblies for Rafale,  lightweight microwave coaxial assemblies. These interconnect solutions are tailor-made and especially designed for severe environments.