CSR: Axon’ Cable’s proven commitment

31 Jul 2019

Axon’ Cable has just obtained a remarkable score of 84/100 from AFNOR, which assessed its commitment in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in relation to ISO 26001.  This score illustrates the company’s willingness to position itself not only as an industrial leader at the service of its customers, but also as a fully-fledged player within an ecosystem, concerned about its interaction with all its partners.  Axon’ Cable’s vision is clear: its future depends on long-term relationships with its customers, employees, service providers, local authorities, and the environment.

A strategic challenge

One of Axon’ Cable’s strengths, revealed in this evaluation, is the involvement of managers in integrating “CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility” aspects into their company vision.  This is illustrated by the Integrated Management System operating in the company, which provides a holistic vision in the fields of quality, occupational health and safety and the environment.  It is worth noting that Axon’ Cable was the first ever organization in France to be ISO 45001 certified (international standard for Occupational Health and Safety) by AFNOR Certification and one of the first in the world.  It is clear that the CSR mentality is strongly embedded in the company’s overall strategy.

Building skills

Another strength assessed by AFNOR is Axon’ Cable’s social approach.  From the employee’s integration via a career path, his job training with a mentor and his skills development, the employee is offered support throughout his professional career.  Axon’ Cable devotes 10% of its turnover to employee training.  One example of this would be the Axocamp training centre created by Axon’ Cable to train CNC machine operators and programmers and, at the beginning of September school year, maintenance technicians.  The company, which maintains close relations with schools and colleges in the area, regularly receives young people in order to raise their awareness of the world of industry.

Axon’ focuses on the health of its employees

Because the health of the company depends on the health of its employees, Axon’ Cable has set up an action program to promote physical activities and the well-being of all “Axonians.”  Quarterly, activities are proposed to encourage staff to want to move.  Walking, running, piloxing, taïso, yoga, volleyball or ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ tournaments, nearly 500 employees have participated in these initiatives.  The quality of working life is central to the organisation’s vision.  Several ergonomic cabling tables with adjustable heights are installed in the connector workshop.  “Gestures and postures” training courses are regularly offered to employees, both to position themselves properly at their desk and for lifting or carrying heavier loads.  Speaking of loads, a robot to transport heavy cable spools from one workshop to another is currently being tested in the factory to avoid potential incidences of operator back strain..

Limiting its impact on the environment

Limiting the impact of its activity is part of Axon’ Cable’s environmental and energy policy.  Machine modifications have stabilized the company’s energy consumption despite an overall increase in activity.  A brand new physico-chemical plant to clean the water used by the plating workshop is under construction.  Not only will the water be cleaned as it is with the current line, but it will also no longer be discharged into the waste water system.  It will be reused to supply the same plating lines time and again.  As for the pollutants, they will continue to be recovered through specialized channels.

About Axon’ Cable

Axon’ is a French group with over 50 years of experience in the design and manufacture of precision conductors, wires, custom-designed cables, connectors, cable assemblies, mini-systems and innovative interconnect solutions for high tech industries.  The company headquarters is located in Montmirail (100 km east of Paris) and employs over 2200 staff worldwide in 18 subsidiaries across 3 continents; Europe, America and Asia.  The group’s consolidated turnover amounted to some 150 million Euros in 2018, with 70% of sales achieved internationally.