Airbus awards Axon'

4 Feb 2020

Airbus has just given the Award of Industrial Excellence 2019 to Axon’. This award illustrates our reliability in terms of quality and logistics as well as our capability in offering technical and industrial solutions to the aerenoautics giant.

Tailor-made industrial solutions

The Award of Industrial Excellence given by Airbus combines two indicators related to the quality of delivered products and to the respect of lead times over one year.  The award presented by Airbus combines two indicators linked to the Quality of the products delivered and the respect of delivery times over one year. Not only is Axon's technical performance recognized, but also its industrial performance and therefore its ability to organize the entire production chain to meet the customer's production needs.

No flight without reliable transmission

The A350 jet liner successfully completed its first commercial flight from the capital of Qatar, Doha, to Frankfurt 5 years ago.  As a single supplier of couplers for the flight control system, Axon’ had been selected thanks to its expertise in data transmission. The role of the components supplied by Axon’ consists in transmitting signals from the flight computer to the flight controls. This transmission network is made up of electrical and electronic links (couplers, contacts) between the flight system and the actuators (motor which moves the high-lift devices of an aircraft) In short, no flight without reliable transmissions!

Protected against lightning strikes

The A350 is the first Airbus aircraft made with a carbon structure. It means that the aircraft fuselage is lighter than classical metal structures. The reduction in weight implies fuel economy for airline companies. However, electronic components in carbon structure are more susceptible to lightning discharges. This is where Axon’s expertise makes the difference. For the A350, Axon’ Cable has designed components with metal shields which act as real Faraday cages to protect the network against lightning.