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LAST UPDATED – 20th July 2018

Please read this privacy policy carefully. Axon’ Cable and its affiliates (referred to below collectively as "Axon," "we," and "us") describe in this privacy policy the way we collect personal information (PI), how we use and disclose PI. When you provide us with Personal Information, whether it is through contact forms, relation exchanges or when creating a user account on the website, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.

Please refer to the LAST UPDATED legend at the top of this page to check when this Privacy Policy was last updated. The last updated version is effective once posted on the website.

  • Personal data

    Processing purpose:

    Personal data we collect, as part of our business relationship, is used to help us to better understand your expectations, inform you about our products, services, needs and answer your questions. It can be used by Axon’ Cable SAS, its subsidiaries, representatives and agents worldwide.

    Personal Data (PD) that we have concerning you, if applicable, are the following:

    • surname,
    • first name (optional),
    • occupation (optional),
    • company,
    • address (optional),
    • country,
    • phone number (optional),
    • fax number (optional),
    • and email address.

    In addition to managing our business relationships, Axon’ Cable may also process your Personal Data for the following purposes:

    • Register you for a seminar.
    • Provide you with offers.
    • Facilitate our data analysis, improving our services and our website, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of our promotional campaigns.

    Because Axon’ Cable is an international group, information processing teams may be located anywhere around the world where Axon’ Cable operates, even outside the European Union, in countries that do not share the same standards of personal data protection as the country where you are located.

    When personal data are transferred to a country whose legislation has not been the subject of an adequacy decision by the European Commission, Axon’ Cable will ensure that such transfer is governed by applicable law, in particular by the signature of standard contractual clauses. For more details of these transfers, and, if applicable, copies of the guarantees provided to authorize the transfer, you can contact our personal data protection representative at the following address:

    Your rights:

    If you do not want to receive electronic communication from Axon’ for commercial or marketing purpose, please contact us at the following address: indicating your country and the precise subject of your request.

    According to the applicable regulations and in particular 2016/679 European Regulation of 27th April 2016, you have the right to oppose, access, rectify, delete your Personal Data as well the right to the portability and to limit the processing of your Personal Data. You also have the right to appeal to the supervisory authority of your choice.

    To exercise these rights, we invite you to contact our Privacy Officer at the following address:, with a copy of your identity card.

    We will keep your personal data for the necessary period to fulfill the purposes explained in the Privacy Policy and as/or as necessary to meet our legal and regulatory obligations.

  • • Website properties

    The contents of this website including the design, text, graphics and software are the property of AXON’ CABLE SAS.

    No information can be transferred, changed, duplicated or sold without express permission from our company. All trademarks, logos, texts and commercial names are the property of AXON’ CABLE SAS, except where otherwise specified. You are not permitted to reproduce them without the express permission of AXON’ CABLE SAS.

  • Cookies

    Cookies are data stored in a user’s terminal equipment and used by the website to send information to the user’s browser, allowing that browser to return information to the original website (for example, a session ID, choice of language or date).

    Cookies enable to store status information, during the validity period of the concerned cookie, when a browser accesses the various pages of a website, or when this browser subsequently returns to this website.

    Only the cookie issuer can read or modify the information contained in it.

    There are different types of cookies:

    • Session cookies that disappear as soon as you leave the website
    • Permanent cookies remaining on your device until their lifetime expires or until you delete them using your browser’s features.

    You are informed that, when you visit the website, cookies may be installed on your terminal equipment.

    Purposes of the cookies used:

    The cookies used by Axon’ are used for the purpose of analyzing the frequentation and the use, which is made of the site.

    What cookies do we use?

    The cookies used on the site are the cookies of third parties restrictively chosen by Axon’ for the purpose of achieving specific objectives, namely to analyze your browsing and to measure the audience of our website, to enable the use of the customer area.

    Axon’ uses the services offered by the American company Google Inc..

    The date collected via cookies is transmitted and stored by Google Inc.. Google Inc. is a member of the Privacy Shield and therefore ensures an adequate level of personal data protection (2016/1250/EC decision of 12-07-2016).

    Google Analytics is a service for tracking visitors and identifying how they use the site. These cookies are placed and read on the user’s terminal equipment as soon as the user accesses a website using the “Google Analytics” service.

    The date generated by these cookies concerns:

    • Your use of the site
    • Your IP address to determine the connection city. This data is immediately anonymized after location and is not communicated to Axon’.

    More information about Google Analytics service can be found at

    These are session cookies.


    When you are browsing our website, the submission and reading of cookies allow us to analyze your browsing and measure the audience of our website.

    You can also manage the cookies used on the website by setting your browser, as detailed below.

    Cookies management

    You have several options to delete cookies.

    Indeed, if most browsers are set by defaults and accept cookies installation, you have the option, if you wish so, to choose to accept all cookies, or to reject them systematically, or to choose those you accept depending of the issuer. You can also set your browser to accept or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis before their installation. To finish, you can also regularly delete cookies from your device via your browser. Don’t forget to configure all the browsers of your various terminals (tablets, smartphones, computers…).

    Regarding your cookies and choices management, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in your browser’s help menu, which will let you know how to change your cookies wishes. As examples:

    However, we inform you that by setting your browser to refuse cookies, some features, pages and website sections will not be accessible, which we will not be liable.

    We also draw your attention on the fact that when you object to the installation or use of a cookie, a declined cookie is installed on your terminal equipment. If you delete this declined cookie, it will no longer be possible to identify you as having declined the use of cookies. Similarly, when you consented to the installation of cookies, a consented cookie is installed. Consented or declined cookies must remain on your terminal equipment.

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