Our Expertise

  • Our core business: advanced interconnect solutions

    Axon’ Cable is a French group of over 2400 staff worldwide specialised in the design and manufacture of custom design interconnect including:

    The headquarters is located in the beautiful region of Champagne but the Axon' group has a truly global presence with sales and manufacturing subsidiaries along with an extensive network of agents.

  • Expert in cabling engineering

    How to interconnect electronic devices provided by different suppliers in one system? As an expert in cabling engineering, Axon’ Cable is able to design the whole cabling network. Axon’ engineers assist customers with the most appropriate tools including simulation software (INVENTOR, CATIA, SEE ELECTRICAL HARNESS) and co-design in all the development stages: idea, concept, prototypes, industrialisation, volume ramp-up and mass production. Axon’ will bring you cost-effective solutions based on Lean Engineering and Lean Manufacturing principles.

  • Our strengths: concentrated brainpower

    Innovation is at the forefront of the Axon’ Group which invests 10 % of its annual turnover into Research & Development.
    More than 200 technicians and engineers are specialised in:

    • Metallurgy: manufacture of precision conductors,
    • Plastic technologies: jacketing, moulding, overmoulding,
    • Electronics:EMI/EMC, microwave, fibre optics, networks .
  • Our complementary missions

    With Addix, Axon' Mechatronics and Axon’ Nanotec (ex ISA France), Axon’ Cable has enlarged its expertise with complementary capabilities:

    • Elastomeric components with Addix,
    • Interconnect and process automation with Axon' Mechatronics,
    • Nano-components & nano-assembling with Axon’ Nanotec (ex ISA France),
    • E-health and autonomy with Axon’ Care.
  • Our markets: high tech challenges

    Axon’ interconnect solutions are able to meet the most severe challenges including weight saving, space saving, miniaturisation, electromagnetic protection, severe environments, sterilization, biocompatibility and flexibility.

    Axon’ products are designed to meet the requirements of high tech markets including aeronautics, automotive, electronics, energy, industry, medical, military, research, space.