Safety and Environment

Axon' Cable has implemented management systems which include ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 approvals. The company has joined a "safety & environment" club which gathers several local companies. Doing cross-audits with our local partners contributes to improve the safety & environmental policy of the company.

  • Safety and health

    Axon' Cable aims at continuously improving the working conditions of the staff by promoting safety and health in the workplace.

    Sustainable construction

    The new manufacturing site built by Axon’ Cable is based on the concept of sustainable development, involving 4 key principles:

    • Eco-construction: use of recyclable materials, revegetation, prefabrication, and pleasing appearance.
    • Eco-management: reduction of heating fuel by use of solar power in winter. Maximum use of natural light, re-use of rain water and limitation of waster discharged to public drainage.
    • Comfort: protection form solar heat, geothermal energy and reinforced insulation, systems to limit the noise.
    • Health: constant air change through natural ventilation.
  • Reducing carbon footprint

    Although cable manufacturing is not an energy-intensive process, Axon’ Cable strives to reduce its carbon footprint on the environment. The company has implemented an action plan which aims at decreasing greenhouse gases by 5 % from 2016 to 2020. The plan is based on the following actions:

    • Change of the lights
    • Reinforced insulation of the buildings
    • Installation of condensing boilers
    • Installation of heat pumps
    • Optimised use of compressors (weekends, bank holidays, variable speed).
    • Automatic switch off for non used machines.

    View our carbon footprint.

    Waste sorting

    Being located on the countryside makes Axon' particularly aware of the environment.
    Axon' Cable is engaged in the management of waste production and optimization of waste sorting: waste sorting, green waste, battery recycling. Less waste for the environment!
    In 2017, Axon' recycled the equivalent of 43 tons of steel.
    By enhancing the value of 27 tons of cartons in 2017, Axon' saved 460 trees.
    The company also invested in a machine which transforms cartons into material for packaging.
    In terms of sustainable development, Axon' gives paper to sort to a local organization which employs disabled people. The paper is then sold to a local company.

  • RoHS and EU directives

    The company is involved at all levels in the management of risks linked to hazardous substances.

    Axon' cable has implemented measures to ensure compliance with the RoHS European Directives which restrict the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. Check the compliance of our products and download your RoHS & REACH certificate.

    Concerning REACH regulation 1907/2006 dated 18th December 2006, our obligation with respect to article 33 of REACH is to inform our customer as soon as possible about the eventual presence of more than 0.1% w/w of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC from last version of ECHA candidate list) in our products. Please contact your sales contact for further information.