Axon' and the arts

Art and enterprise

Art patronage is closely linked to Axon’s history. In 1986 the 1st art patronage event was called “1st anniversary…but 21 years of experience”, because the company was called Axon’ for one year but was founded in 1965. Though some people were skeptical about the concept, the event was launched in parallel to customer technical symposiums. Since then, opening of new factories, new halls, open days, customer symposiums or company anniversaries are good opportunities for Axon’ to exhibit art pieces and support young artists. Painting, sculptures, ceramics, engraving, photos, and art pieces made with cables or industrial parts find their place in the manufacturing halls in France or abroad.

AXON’ has obtained several prestigious awards for its actions as a patron:

  • mention in the “ RAPPORT PERRIN-CARTIER ” on the patronage (sept 86)
  • Commercial Performance Prize : “ LE MECENAT POUR MIEUX VENDRE ” (oct 98)
  • Prize : “ PRISME DU MECENAT D’ENTREPRISE ” (nov 99).