CSR commitment

  • Axon’ bases its strategy on perennity

    A perennial company needs long term partnership with all stake holders to the Company: customers, employees, suppliers, share holders, communities and environment. Solon Axon’ strategic plan is based on this balance. Based on the EFQM model, Solon plan takes its name from a Greek Elder who is often credited with having put in place laws in Athens in 594 before JC.

  • Our customers

    Our current mission is to design, develop and manufacture cables and interconnect solutions. We want to propose the most appropriate products and services to our customers’ present and future needs. Our products and services are based on 4 guidelines: advanced technology, thus innovative, the highest quality, fast and reliable lead-time, competitive global cost.

  • Our employees

    Our employees shall benefit from appropriate working conditions aiming to protect their health. They shall be encouraged to innovate, be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Our staff shall be able to get training during their career to ensure their employability within a technological change environment.

  • Our suppliers

    Our external providers, whether they are manufacturers, suppliers or consultants, must be involved in our projects. In this way, they ensure their own continuous improvement. They help us to better serve our clients downstream.

  • Our share holders

    Our share holders, our employees, and our finance providers (bankers...) shall be associated in the long term to our strategic orientations. Their continuous participation will facilitate our long term strategic actions.

  • Communities and environment

    Our Company shall have a citizen and ethical attitude by respecting laws including legal and regulatory requirements. Axon’ Cable is involved in actions of general interest. Art and association patronage, pupils’ orientation, students’ visits and open doors are just a few examples. Energy savings, protection of environment and prevention of pollution that may arise from our activities are also at the heart of our concerns.