Teams and communities

Because the company is a stakeholder in ecosystem, Axon’Cable in engaged with its teams and for the community.

Engaged with employees

“Our employees shall benefit from appropriate working conditions aiming to protect their health. They shall be encouraged to innovate, be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. Our staff shall be able to get training during their career to ensure their employability within a technological changing environment.” (Extract from the Axon’ policy.)

  • - Health :
    • With its Security policy, Axon’ is committed to preventing accidents and improve Axon’ employees’ working conditions. More information about our security policy
    • Axon’ Interconex launched the Axiónate programme.
      Objective: to help the Mexican staff to lose weight and be fitter. Over 60% of the Mexican staff were obese or overweight. Actions were led to motivate employees to practice sport, drink, eat healthy, encourage exchanges and improve quality of life.
      Results: an improved working atmosphere and lost weight.
  • - Environment :
  • - Integration of new “Axonians” :
    • Access to housing is not always simple for new employees. Axon’ can provide very low cost rental housing for trainees and employees with fixed-terms contracts.
    • Partnering with a mentor: new employees train and are integrated with an experienced employee.
  • - Employees’ lifelong learning :
    • 10% of the payroll dedicated to trainings every year.
    • “Innovation roadmap”: sharing of innovations (administration, organisation, products, production, working conditions) with other departments. Employee and best innovation recognition through an Innovation Award.
    • A “made-in Axon’” Wikipedia page to spread knowledge.
  • - Payroll savings :
    • Mutual funds: investing and participating in Axon’ Group’s results.
    • Profit-sharing bonus.
    • Incentive payments: redistribution to employees based on the French companies results.

Foster the orientation

“Our Company shall have a citizen and ethical attitude (…). Axon’ Cable is involved in actions of general interest such as Art and association sponsorship, student career guidance and internships, community engagement (…)” (extract from Axon’s policy).

  • - Foster the orientation to boost the employment :
    • Factory tours with employee testimonies for secondary school and high school pupils, students and professors.
    • 50 internships per year: secondary school pupils, under-graduate levels up to Master degree level.
    • “Bravo l’Industrie” with the UIMM (Union of industries and jobs of Marne): a regional showcase for the high-tech industry.
    • “Ecole en entreprise”: secondary school pupils (from 14 year of age) are immersed for a week in the Axon’ universe. Classes animated by both teachers and employees, with hands-on training, treasure hunts, challenges and debates with CEOs0
    • “Semaine école-entreprise” “School-company week”: Axon’ opens its doors to teachers for a day of visits and exchanges. This is an event organised by the “Association Jeunesse Entreprise” (AJE). The aim of this association is to move students and teachers closer toward the world of enterprise. Thanks to its various initiatives, Axon’ has gained the AJE label in 2013.
    • Olympiads of engineering sciences: to foster the taste for sciences in high school pupils. In 2013, the regional finals of the Olympiads took place in Axon’.
    • Various school projects with regional schools and universities (Reims Management School).
    • Axon’ Fab lab’ Coffee Shop: innovation laboratory for employees and their family.

Community engagement

  • Sponsoring sports events: trail race,Nordic run, Bike & run event, rambling. More information about Montmi’Trail.
  • Occasional factory visits for non-professional audiences (day care centres, retired people, etc).
  • Development of an e-medical occupational health to compensate for the shortage of doctors - Trial tests with more than 200 employees in 4 local companies.

Art and associations support

  • For over 30 years, Axon’ has been committed to supporting and promoting contemporary artists.

“Between the creative work of the artist and our efforts for innovation, we find a similarity in the approach, which explains without doubt that exhibitions of works of art are naturally integrated in our industrial events”, Joseph Puzo, August 2005. More information about the art patronage

  • Support to 1814v4, association dedicated to Living History: historical re-enactments of Battle of Montmirail | Marchais-en-Brie on May 31st and June 1st 2014.