• Axon’ Cable seeks to share its values by promoting collaboration with its Suppliers, products, services and equipment Providers in accordance with ethical principles.

    We are especially committed to:

    • Purchase more responsibly by incorporating laws and regulations, environmental requirements, occupational health and safety and sustainable development.
    • Maintain a relationship of quality and trust with our partners.
    • Encourage collaborative work and problem solving.
    • Choose and evaluate our Providers in a meaningful way.

    We expect our Providers and Suppliers to take ownership of our values and principles, among others:

    • Seek innovation in the design of products, services and equipment, while respecting occupational health and safety, environmental protection, Human rights and our company Ethics.
    • Be part of a continuous improvement research policy.
    • To Guarantee the confidentiality and intellectual property of exchanges with Axon’ Cable.
    • To fight counterfeiting.