Management 4.0

  • Axon’ is a transnational group

    Transnational companies have a distributed authority and a flat organizational structure, accelerating information flows and giving a sustainable competitive advantage in order to better serve customers. They are related to AGILE companies because of their flexibility and reliability: they can quickly react to challenges, events and opportunities.

  • 4.0 Employers’ club

    The 4.0 employers’ club has been set up at the initiative of Joseph Puzo, the Axon’ Cable Chief Executive Officer. It is a 4.0 Think Tank for the quality of work life and a better contribution from the occupational health to the public health. The club is gathering the company leaders convinced that employees health promotion reinforce the company competitiveness.

  • How to choose an Indian offset sponsor?

    The Indian government has signed considerable defense agreements, associated with a local production obligation of 30%. This offset obligation already outreached 1 billion Euros for France. That is a great opportunity for French SMEs, which are supplying big companies. Axon’ and Dhruv created a joint-venture in order to take this opportunity. Rely on our expertise to carry out your project in India!