Composite Cables

Axon’ Cable excels in the design and manufacture of custom designed cables made to customer specifications. As a specialist in cable jacketing, axon’ offers round or flat composite cables, spiral cables, hybrid cables and multicore cables insulated with materials able to resist the most demanding requirements. When developing a tailor-made cable, the mechanical, environmental, electrical and electromagnetic constraints of the application need to be considered. Axon’ is an acknowledged expert in the field of EMI protection for cables and interconnect systems.

High Precision Conductors

Axon’ which manufactures its own conductors is able to offer a wide range of single-stranded precision conductors made with bare copper, silver plated copper, tin plated copper, nickel plated copper, silver plated aluminium copper and special alloys designed to meet requirements in flex and torsion.

High Performance Insulated Cables

Depending on the applications, our cables are insulated with high performance materials including:

  • Fluorinated materials (FEP, ETFE, PFA), PEEK, polyimide.
  • Halogen free insulating materials.
  • Radiation resistant materials for nuclear and scientific applications.
  • Insulating materials able to resist sterilization for medical applications (PVC, silicone, polyurethane…).
  • Insulating materials able to resist extreme temperatures, abrasion, chemical and aggressive environments.

Different configurations of cables made with twisted pairs, shielded wires, flexible wires, power cables, coaxial cables, and tubes are possible. They are designed for applications requiring for example flexibility, space saving, good resistance to flexing, etc. From small volumes to high volumes, Axon’ will offer you the very cables you need for your high-tech applications including aeronautics, automotive, energy, industry, electronics, medical and space.