Wires & Cables for Extreme Temperatures

Vibraflame® cables are fire resistant wires and composite cables designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -196°C to + 1565°C. This is an ideal solution for applications in steel and aluminium plants, oil refineries, glass factories, offshore rigs and in military equipment. Vibraflame® wires and composite cables are safer: heat resistant, they do not propagate flame and do not contain asbestos. They resist corrosion caused by splashes of chemical agents such as acids or lubricants. Vibraflame® composite cables can be used as power, control, coaxial or power feed cables depending on the application. Axon’ Cable also offers extension and compensating cables for thermocouples insulated with Vibraflame® insulation able to resist temperatures up to 1050°C.

  • Resistant to fire, flame and heat.
  • No propagation of flame.
  • Flexible.
  • Vibraflame® cables maintain electrical circuit integrity at very high temperatures.
  • Vibraflame® cables are safer: they do not contain asbestos.
  • No need of protective conduits.
  • Vibraflame® fire resistant cables have been tested to the requirements of the IEC 60331 standard, NBC30-004 § 3.3, VDE 0472-814.
  • Different versions: single wires, multicore cables or large cross section multicore cables, shielded cables, armoured cables.
  • Conductor: nickel plated copper (NPC): excellent resistance to oxidation at high temperatures.
  • Braid: nickel plated copper (NPC) for the shielded versions.
  • Jacket: Vibraflame®
  • Armor: annealed stainless steel for the armoured versions.
  • Extension and compensating cables for thermocouples
  • Available conductors:
    • Nickel-Chromium / Nickel-Aluminium (for thermocouple type K)
    • Iron / Copper-Nickel (for thermocouple type J)
    • Copper / Copper-Nickel (for thermocouple type T)
    • Copper/Cupronickel (for thermocouple type S)
    • Copper/Copper alloy (for thermocouple type B)
    • Nickel-Chromium / Copper-Nickel (for thermocouple type E)
  • Insulation and jacket: Vibraflame®
  • Cast iron and steel works.
  • Oil refineries, coke mills.
  • Glass factories.
  • Power, control cables and coaxial cables for tundish, offshore oil rigs, overhead cranes, coke oven charging car, flap level control
  • Compensation cables for electric furnace, insertion pyrometers

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