Radiation Resistant Wires and Cables for Nuclear and Scientific Applications

Axon’ Cable has developed a range of single wires, multi-cores wires and cables which resist to radiation and high temperatures. Insulated with different materials including ETFE, special thermoplastic compounds, crosslinked polyolefin (XLPE/XLPO), polyurethane (TPU) and polyimide (taped or TPI extruded), they meet the severe requirements of scientific and nuclear applications. They can be used as instrumentation, control and sensor cables in nuclear plants or in particle detectors.

  • Resistance to high temperatures and radiations
  • Halogen free insulation materials.
  • Low smoke and fire hazard behaviour.
    • Up to +100°C: Halogen free XLPE/XLPO (50 – 100Mrad*)
    • Up to +125°C: Halogen free TPU (100 – 200Mrad*)
    • Up to +130°C: Halogen free Poliax™ (300 – 600Mrad*)
    • Up to +155°C: ETFE insulation (10 – 30Mrad*)
    • Up to +200°C: XL-ETFE insulation (10 – 50Mrad*)
    • Up to +250°C: Halogen free Neutrax™ or Polyimide (500 – 7000Mrad*)
  • IEEE 383, NEMA-WC27500, NF-C-93524, *IEC 60544
  • Single wires, shielded pairs, multi-core cables.
  • Conductor:
    • Tin plated annealed copper (TPC)
    • Silver plated annealed copper (SPC)
    • Silver copper alloy (SCA)
    • Nickel plated annealed copper (NPC)
    • Nickel plated copper alloy (NCA)
  • Shielding:
    • Tin plated annealed copper (TPC)
    • Nickel plated annealed copper (NPC)
    • Nickel copper alloy (NCA) for shielded versions.
  • Insulation: extruded ETFE, Axon' Special Compounds (ASC3, Poliax™, Neutrax™), polyimide (PI, TPI), polyurethane (TPU), crosslinked polyolefine (XLPE/XLPO), crosslinked ETFE (XL-ETFE)
  • Scientific and nuclear applications
  • Nuclear plants
  • Detectors / Particle accelerators
  • Industrial and medical irradiation centres
  • Space applications

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