Electric Propulsion Cables for Thrusters

Axon’ Cable has developed power cables for the latest generation of satellite thrusters. As weight saving is a key issue for space applications, these cables have been specially designed for simplification and mass reduction of the overall thruster whilst withstanding high temperatures, high voltage and cosmic radiation.

  • Resistant to high temperatures.
    • From -100°C to max. +280°C for static applications
    • From min -50°C to max +120°C for dynamic applications
  • Dynamic application.
  • Operating voltage up to 5 kV DC
  • Radiation resistance up to 200 Mrad.
  • Maximum operating current up to 12A.
  • Conductor: special nickel plated copper alloy.
  • Multi-layered insulation
  • Special semi-conductive layer
  • Braided shield for EMI protection
  • Satellite thrusters.
  • Space missions up to 15 years.
  • Telecommunication projects.

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