Axon’ miniature connectors offer reliable connections for systems requiring weight and miniaturisation. Aircraft electronics, avionics equipment, medical sensors, military or offshore systems are just a few examples.

Connectors: weight and space saving

Axon’ offers a complete range of standard and custom designed rectangular and circular Micro-D connectors based on the MIL-DTL-83513 standard. These robust connectors rise to the challenge of demanding applications and harsh environments. The heart of both the rectangular and circular connectors is the twist pin contact, which by its design and performance is highly reliable.
In addition to Micro-D connectors, Axon’ has developed triaxial connectors (ACB1) to be crimped onto cables and assemblies manufactured to MIL-STD-1553.

  • By its very design, the Micro-D connector system meets all requirements: robustness, durability, low contact resistance, high current, dielectric strength, vibration, shocks, etc. With 1.27 mm (.050") contact spacing, Micro-D connectors which are half the size of D-sub connectors are an ideal solution for weight saving. In addition to a complete range of Micro-D PCB connectors and harnesses in both metal and plastic bodied versions, Axon’ offers a range of QPL qualified Micro-D connectors to MIL-DTL-83513.

  • To meet the most severe requirements, Axon’ has been able to offer customized solutions including high current transmissions, space saving wiring solutions, EMC optimized designs, waterproof and hermetic connectors, solutions to facilitate mechanical integration, custom shell designs, specific contact arrangements.

  • Axon’ has developed Versatys®, a new concept of power connectors giving far greater flexibility to customers. Removable contacts and dimounstable versions make the integration with customer equipment much easier. Based on the micro-D technology, Versatys® connectors (MMC) are an ideal solution for weight and space saving.

  • Continuous miniaturization in electronics makes it more challenging to route power and RF signals through very small connectors. Axon’ Micro-D combo connectors are designed to contain in one compact body a mixture of power and coaxial cables as well as regular signal wires.

  • With 0.635 mm (.025”) contact spacing, nano-D connectors are half the size of micro-D connectors. Nano-D connectors are ideal solutions for applications requiring extreme miniaturization, space or weight saving. They meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-32139.

  • Axon’ has drawn upon long experience in the highly challenging environment of space electronics to develop Micro-D connectors and assemblies suitable for this demanding area.