Micro-D Connectors to Your Needs

In addition to the standard range of rectangular and circular Micro-D connectors, Axon’ Cable can assist in designing any special version or custom design to meet specific requirements. Custom design number of ways, high density connectors, EMI and panel mount connectors, filtered micro D connectors, waterproof and hermetic connectors, non magnetic connectors, overmoulding solutions are requirements that Axon’ can meet. From pigtails to complex multi-branched harnesses designed for the most challenging of environments, Axon’ Cable will provide you with the best solution you need.

  • Full integration in-house of the design, manufacture and testing of the Micro-D system including:
    • Twist pins, shells, inserts and interfacial seals
    • Custom design conductors, wires and cables
    • Complex assembly processes including optimised EMC shielding, branch braiding and overmoulding.
  • Over 25 year expertise in assembling micro D connectors in all their forms: PCB, pigtails, savers, strips, solder cup, cable assemblies and wire harnesses.
  • Expertise in mould design, moulding and overmoulding.
  • Expertise in EMI protection
  • The heart of our custom design connector is the highly reliable twist pin contact.
  • Special shell materials and finishes.
  • Rectangular connectors.
  • Circular connectors.
  • Specific contact arrangements
  • Custom designed EMI and panel mount connectors.
  • Filtered Micro-D connectors.
  • Waterproof and hermetic connectors.
  • Non-magnetic connectors.
  • High density connectors: nano D contacts in a micro D shell.
  • Combo connectors: to route power and RF signals through very small connectors.
  • PCB connectors.
  • Pigtails.
  • Multi-branch wire harnesses.
  • Radar systems.
  • Navigation systems.
  • Avionics equipment.
  • Missiles and counter measures.
  • Electro-optics.
  • Military GPS systems.
  • Twist capsules
  • Offshore including down-hole drilling tools.
  • Gas and oil systems.
  • Medical devices.
  • Research centers.
  • Satellite electronics.
  • Space electronics.
  • High data rate systems.

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