Backshells and connector accessories

In addition to connectors, Axon’ offers a large range of accessories which can be mounted on site. They contribute to the mechanical protection or EMC performance of the cable assemblies. Accessories designed by Axon’ include backshells, shield braids, shield termination bands and other custom designed systems.


Backshells are mainly used to protect interconnects against electromagnetic interference (EMI). Sizes and shapes are adapted to Axon’ connectors and compatible with D-Sub and Micro-D connectors. They are designed to fit customer’s routing and optimise EMI/EMC performance. Moreover, these backshells are compliants with standards: MIL-DTL-24308 for Sub-D and MIL-DTL-83513 for Micro-D various materials and plating are available in order to meet any application. From monobloc to multi-parts backshells, Axon’ can offer custom designed solutions to meet your requirements.

Axoclamp®, shield termination bands

Patented by Axon’ Cable, Axoclamp® clamping bands allows for 360° shield termination at the rear of connectors. More details about EMI protection.


Axon’ Cable offers a large range of removable jackscrews, non-removable jackscrews or panel-mount hardware. You can then build your system to your own mounting requirements (panel-mount etc). Axon’ can offer custom designed hardware.

Micro-D assembly Kit

Axon’ offers a toolbox with all the proper tools and instructions (booklet and CD) on how to safely handle micro-D connectors.

Micro D Halorings

In order to facilitate the shield grounding of a cable made with several wires, Axon’ recommends the use of halorings. Easy to use, halorings allow for reliable shield grounding in terms of electrical and mechanical requirements. The process can be easily reproduced on each part. EMI performance of each assembly is improved. Halorings are compatible with Axon’ Micro D range and MIL-DTL-83513 connectors. A version for D-sub connectors is also available.