Integrated Systems

As a specialist in advanced interconnect solutions, Axon’ Cable has experience in integrating mechanical and electronic parts into one system.

Integrated systems: all in one

From twist capsules to the assembling of components or integration of cabinets, Axon’ Cable is able to offer all-in-one solutions for high tech markets.

  • One-stop-shop solutions

    As a specialist in custom designed solutions, Axon’ has extensive experience in components integration. Our technicians are able to assemble mechanical or micro-mechanical parts and electronic components into one system manufactured by Axon' or provided by the customer. For example, Axon' has the expertise to integrate micro-D cable assemblies into metal or plastic boxes or into tools for down-hole exploration. The company can also achieve cabinet integration in high volume.

  • Twist capsules, Axotwist™

    Axon’ draws on its long experience in clockspring rotary connectors for automotive airbag systems to offer twist capsules for defense and aerospace industries. Twist capsules Axotwist™ consist in silicone covered cables placed between 2 metal rings which can rotate with respect to one another. With the Micro-D or any other connector, Axon’ can integrate electronic components in order to perform specific functions.

  • Sensors

    Axon’ Cable provides packaging and interconnect solutions for sensors to a large number of applications such as medical, aerospace, automotive, and research industry. The group meets customer needs for sensors in terms of harsh environment, miniaturization, weight and space saving, fast integration, EMI optimization. More information about solutions for sensors.