ESA Wires and Cables:
Lightweight and Resistant

Axon’ Cable supply a large range of wires and cables in compliance with ESCC standards for the space industry. Lightweight and highly resistant, they have been designed to meet the challenging requirements of the launchers and satellites including internal cabling of electronic boxes, LEO applications and cryogenic applications. From single core hook-up wires to coaxial cables and data bus cables, Axon’ offers a large range of ESA wires and cables.

  • Excellent penetration resistance under pressure.
  • Excellent radiation resistance.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Resistance to most chemicals.
  • Suited for thermal, mechanical or laser stripping.
  • Good flexibility and low spring back effect: ESCC 3901 013.
  • Resistance to atomic oxygen environment (ATOX): ESCC 3901 018.
  • Controlled impedance for optimal data transmission (ESCC 3902 002 and ESCC 3902 003).
  • Operating temperatures:
    • - 100°C to+ 200°C
    • - 200°C to + 200°C
    • - 200°C to + 180°C
Single wires, pairs, multi-stranded or shielded wires in compliance with ESCC standards:
  • ESCC 3901.001: polyimide insulated wires and cables
  • ESCC 3901.002: lightweight polyimide insulated wires and cables
  • ESCC 3901.012: extruded cross-linked ETFE insulated wires and cables
  • ESCC3901.013: polyimide insulated wires and cables
  • ESCC3901.018: Celloflon®/polyimide/PTFE insulated wires and cables
  • ESCC3901.019: Celloflon®/polyimide insulated wires and cables
  • ESCC3901.021: Polyimide insulated wires and cables
  • ESCC3901.024 : Wires and cables made with an abrasion resistant PTFE tape
  • ESCC3902.002: Coaxial, triaxial and databus cables made with a Celloflon® dielectric and a PFA insulation.
  • ESCC3902.003: Spacewire quadribus cable made with a Celloflon® dielectric and a PFA jacket
  • Cabling in satellites and launchers
  • Internal cabling of electronic boxes
  • Cryogenic applications
  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) applications.
  • LVDS protocols (SpaceWire, IEEE1394)

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