FFC-Flat Flexible cables for Reliable Connection

Designed for board-to-board interconnections in electronic systems, Axojump® Flat Flexible Cables (FFC) are made up of flat tin or gold plated copper conductors insulated with Polyester or Polyimide tapes. From 0.30 mm pitch for space saving to 1.25 mm, a large variety of pitches is available to suit your needs. In addition to the standard range, Axon’ has developed custom designed flat flex cables incorporating folds, shields, notches, punching, slitting, marking or special mounting methods. FFC-Flat Flexible cables are compatible with ZIF and LIF connectors.

  • Extremely small dimensions: low profile, narrow width, fine pitch.
  • Easy and fast installation: time saving and cost reduction.
  • Compatible with ZIF/LIF connectors.
  • Excellent flexibility and flex life: over 70 000 000 cycles for the ultra-flexible version (10 mm bend radius)
  • Flat cables with a fine gold coating on the stripped end can be offered to guarantee the absence of tin whiskers.
  • EMI shielding with aluminium tape.
  • Ordering is easy with FFC-Cad to design your FFC in a few clicks.
  • RoHS compliant flat conductors: bare copper, tin alloy plated copper, gold plated copper.
  • Insulation: laminated polyester or polyimide tapes.
  • 0.30 mm pitch
    0.50, 1.00, 1.25 mm pitch : 100 micron conductor, 50 and 35 micron conductor versions
  • Different types of stripping and reinforcement tapes, dependent on the connection type: removable connection (connector/connector), solder connection (solder/solder) or mixed connection (solder/connector).
  • Flat flex cables can be delivered with a standard UL printing or with a special marking.
  • Shielded versions: axon’ is able to ground one or several conductors to the shield.
  • Custom designed FFC-Flat Flexible cables made with folds, notches, shields, punching, slitting, marking etc.
  • Ordering is easy: just send your own specification or draw it with FFC-Cad designing tool.
  • IT equipment: notebooks, scanners, printers.
  • Consumer electronics: CD and DVD players, hi-fi systems, decoders and satellite receivers.
  • Automotive industry: car radios, GPS systems, switch rotary connectors, headliners, door panels.
  • Telecommunications
  • Household equipment: cooking plates, refrigerators, dishwashers.
  • Military electronics
  • Industry: robots, automation systems
  • Medical displays

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