High Speed Flat Flex Cables:
Data Transmission up to 4 Gbps

FDC100® Flat Display Connections are made with 100Ω flat flex cables terminated with connectors patented by Axon’ Cable. They are suited for high speed data transmission of video signals. High data rate flat cable assemblies are compliant with the LVDS protocol and the ultra high data rate flat cable assemblies are compliant with the V-by-One® HS protocol. Full HD displays, larger screens with higher resolutions, 200 Hz frequency, LED and 3D displays, increase of colour depth, high speed of signal transmission, Axon’ has a solution to support all the current market trends.

  • Fully compliant with the LVDS protocol or with the V-by-One® HS*.
  • Excellent high speed transmission :
    • 525 Mbps for LVDS
    • 4 Gbps for V-by-One® HS*.
  • Small dimensions.
  • Good flexibility.
  • Foldable for easy integration mounting.
  • Matable with Fi-R or FX16 S PCB connectors.

    *V-by-One® : Thine registered trademark
  • 100 ohm shielded flat flex cables (in differential pairs).
  • Available in 0.50 mm pitch with 21,31,41 or 51 ways for the LVDS and the ultra high data rate versions.
  • Terminated with an innovative connector designed by Axon’.
  • FDC100® for V-by-One® is terminated either with:
    • FIR connectors on both ends.
    • FIR connector on one end and one piece connector on the other end.
    • One piece connector on both ends.
  • Connections of full HD displays, 3 D displays, LED displays for any market.

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