Hybrid Flat Cables:
Flex Life and Space Saving

Excellent flex life and robustness! These are the qualities of hybrid flat cables manufactured by Axon’ Cable. Ranging through from conductor to jacket, Axon’ cable selects materials able to withstand chemical products, solvents, high temperatures as well as repeated flexions. Hybrid flat cables are designed for equipment with a reduced cabling space. Tailor made, hybrid versions can be offered with twisted pairs, feeder wires, signal cables, flexible wires, PTFE or polyurethane (PU) tubes. This is an ideal solution for automation systems and robots.

Axon’ Cable has developed Flextrack®, a range of laminated hybrid flat cables designed for high flex applications including Pick and Place industries. Lightweight and very flexible, Flextrack® flat cables are characterized by a lower bend radius compared to equivalent round cables. Insulated with a Celloflon® film (expanded PTFE), they emit no particles and have a very good chemical resistance.

  • High flex life.
  • Low bend radius.
  • Space saving compared to a composite round cable.
  • Resistance to severe constraints:
    • high temperatures
    • Repeated flexions
    • Chemical products
  • Lightweight (Flextrack® high flex flat cables).
  • Low outgassing (Flextrack® high flex flat cables).
  • Composite cables can be made with equipment wires, twisted pairs, flexible wires, PTFE or polyurethane (PU) tubes.
  • Insulating material:
    • Thermoplastic materials including polyurethane, thermoplastic elastomers, PVC.
    • Celloflon® (expanded PTFE).
    • Axon’ special compounds (ASC).
  • Hybrid flat cables can be terminated to connectors.
  • Automation systems.
  • Robotics.
  • Clean room robotics.
  • Any equipment requiring space saving.

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