EMI Protection

Protecting on-board electronics from electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a key issue in aircraft, and satellites, but also, for example in medical devices.

EMI protection: electromagnetic interference has a hard life with Axon’Cable‘s solutions

Any electronic system can both disturb and be disturbed by the creation of EMI. Poor electromagnetic protection of a device can also have very serious consequences not only upon communication and navigation systems but also upon electrical cables and interconnect which are often the first systems being affected by EMI, and which in turn transmit the problem into their systems. From the design of the cable or the whole interconnect, Axon’s engineers specialised in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) intervene and advise with their own simulation software. They define future transfer impedance (Zt) of the complete assembly using the operating frequency of the device. Axon’ offers the most appropriate solutions including optimized shielding braids, over-braiding, shield terminations, cabling accessories, connectors and backshells. Electromagnetic interference really does a hard life with Axon’ Cable’s solutions.


  • Definition of cable transfer impedance from the design.
  • In-house EMI/EMC laboratory.
  • In-house test benches including mode-stirred chamber.
  • Axotress® braids : single (AXOST) or double (AXODT) braids designed for manual shielding over small lengths of assembly branches.
  • Zt optimized braids with guaranteed transfer impedance.
  • 2 μm silver plated braids for space applications.
  • Automatised over-braiding of assembly branches.
  • 360° shield termination for connectors: Axoclamp® band termination system (AXCL).
  • D-sub or micro-D halorings to facilitate shield grounding of a cable.
  • EMI optimized connectors and backshells.
  • Filtered micro-D connectors.
  • EMI & panel mount connectors.
  • Shielded flat flexible cables (FFC).