PTFE Tapes, Membranes and Desiccant Bags

Made with PTFE, films and tapes designed by Axon’ are used for cable insulations, coating or table cover for laboratories. Axon’ Cable has patented a porous PTFE material called Celloflon® which can be used for cable insulation.

  • Good tear resistance
  • Low friction coefficient
  • Good temperature resistance (-200°C to +260°C)
  • Low dielectric constant
  • Non adhesive properties
  • Non flammability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Biocompatibility
  • Good resistance to ageing
  • Films or tapes can be offered made with:
    • PTFE
  • 2 versions are available: standard or self adhesive.
  • Made with celloflon® tapes, membranes with controlled porosity can be used for medical applications.
  • Cable insulation
  • Film for laboratories
  • Aeronautics, military, medical, offshore

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