Test capabilities

Because cables often have a hard life, Axon’ uses a wide variety of in-house equipment to ensure our interconnect solutions stand up to the most challenging of environments.

Test Capabilities

Our cables and cable assemblies are tested in the most severe conditions: flexlife, flexibility, resistance to chemicals, abrasion resistance, extreme temperatures, high data rate, EMI protection, and demanding electrical requirements.

For very specific requirements, our Process Development team is also able to design bespoke equipment and test benches in partnership with our customers.

Physical characteristics

  • Meniscograph (IEC 38-2-69) to check solderability of cables and components.
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC): measurement of heat flux under temperature variations.
  • ray radiography.
  • Magneticity test.

Mechanical characteristics

  • Resistance to shock, combined flex/torsion, folding, winding, unwinding.
  • Vibration equipment and combined vibration/climatic “shake and bake” tests.
  • Tensile strength.

Chemical characteristics

  • Resistance to oils, decontaminants, sterilization, solvents.

Electrical characteristics

  • Test benches to check continuity, insulation resistance, dielectric strength, capacitance, linear resistance, capacitance, inductance, attenuation, VSWR, crosstalk, intermodulation, filtering performance.
  • Test benches for MIL-STD-1553 data bus products.
  • Transfer impedance test benches (EMI characteristics).
  • Network analyzer to check insertion loss, return loss, phase matching.
  • Mode stirred chamber.
  • Eye pattern test bench up to 12.5 Gb/s.
  • Bit Error Rate tester up to 3.4 Gb/s.
  • Sampling scope/TDR up to 50 GHz band width.
  • Power supply up to 1000A.
  • Partial Discharge tester for High Voltage testing.

Environmental characteristics

  • Resistance to salt spray, thermal shock, autoclaving, accelerated ageing, humidity.
  • Resistance to flame.
  • Hermeticity test for hermetic connectors and seals.
  • Thermal infrared cameras.