Moulded Shapes

Addix manufactures moulded shapes including complex shapes, shapes for connectors and seals with different elastomers for any application.

Moulded Shapes

As an expert in elastomeric parts for 70 years, Addix manufactures moulded shapes with different processes: compression moulding, transfer moulding and injection moulding. Addix joined the Axon’ group in 1994.

From the prototypes to large volumes, Addix can offer parts which can weigh from a few milligrams to several kilograms. The range of elastomers used is very large:

  • Silicone, fluorinated silicone, Vitax™ (FKM - FPM), FFKM (Aeronautics, Offshore…)
  • BUTYL – CSM - NR
  • Aeronautics or railway approved compounds, EN 45545-2 R22 HL3, I2F1, UL94V0 (Aeronautics, railway, military, industry…)
  • Compounds : FDA, WRAS, KTW (Industrie)
  • Silvershield™ conductive compounds, heat conductive compounds (Aeronautics, defense, offshore…)
  • Low offgazing compounds (Space, defense…)

Addix can offer different types of moulding parts including:

  • Addix manufactures complex shapes and parts including tailor-made shapes with very special materials, overmoulded shapes, bonded parts and combined multi-elastomer shapes.

  • For any kind of connectors, Addix manufactures shapes including grommets, o-rings, connector seals, interfacial seals, flat gaskets, insulators, protective caps, insulators with inserts, connector overmoulding, custom designed complex shapes.

  • As expert in elastomeric components, Addix offers different kinds of seals including box seals, gaskets, o-rings, moulded seals, flat seals.

  • Made with any type of elastomers, moulded plates manufactured by Addix can be used for the manufacturing of cut parts including washers, feed-through sleeves, or special shapes.

  • Vibration absorbers are elastomeric parts which can be used to absorb vibrations and shocks for aeronautics, military, space and submarine applications.