Moulded Plates

Addix, a company of the Axon’ group since 1994, is an expert in elastomeric components. Addix offers moulded plates made with any type of elastomers and for any use. They can be used for the manufacturing of cut parts including feed-through sleeves, washers or special shapes. The plates can have inserts.

  • Cost effective solution:
    As some products can be cut from plates, there is no need of moulds. The cutting tools are less expensive than moulds.
  • Tighter tolerances compared to products manufactured through extrusion or calendaring.
  • The characteristics depend on the used compound.
  • Any quantity can be delivered: prototypes, small, medium and large volumes.
  • Dimensions of the plates:

    • 100 mm x 100 mm
      • Thickness: from 0.5 mm to 10 mm

    • 300 mm x 300 mm
      • Thickness: from 0.5 mm to 25 mm

    • 500 mm x 500 mm
      • Thickness : from 1 mm to 5 mm

    • 1000 mm x 1000 mm
      • Thickness : from 2 mm to 30 mm

  • Materials:

    • Silicone, fluorinated silicone, vitax™(FKM-FPM)
    • Natural rubber (NR)
    • EPDM
    • NBR, HNBR
    • Aeronautics approved compounds
    • FDA compounds
    • Silvershield™ conductive compounds
Any market including automotive, aeronautics, military, offshore, medical, industry.

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