Nano-components and nano-assembling

High precision stamping parts, moulded and overmoulded micro-components, miniature assembled connectors, these are technical solutions Axon’ Nanotec (ex ISA France) offers.

Axon’ Nanotec, Products

Axon’ Nanotec (ex ISA France), offer miniaturized custom-designed solutions based on a strong integration of a large range of expertise in high precision stamping, moulding and overmoulding, assembling, design of stamping tools, injection mould and special machines on site. A mechanical workshop enables Axon’ Nanotec (ex ISA France) to bring a large range of technical solutions to customers. Further to the merging of the company with Axon’ Pintec, Axon’ Nanotec (ex ISA France) has integrated the manufacture of wire pins and interconnect pin headers.