Custom Design Cable Assemblies and Harnesses

Axon' Cable specializes in the design and manufacture of custom designed assemblies, interconnect systems and complex harnesses integrating several branches. The company has brought its expertise in the manufacture of precision conductors, wires, cables, cable assemblies and connectors together with its knowledge of overmoulding techniques and EMI protection to be able to offer solutions to the most rigorous requirements.

Markets and their challenges

Axon’ Cable designs cable assemblies submitted to challenging requirements including:


  • Aeronautics and defense: radars, missiles, military transport, aircraft, navigation and communication systems, counter measurement.
  • Space: launchers, satellites, space station, planetary explorer applications.
  • Medical: medical devices, endoscopy, laparoscopy, ultrasound probes, medical imaging.
  • Telecommunication: base stations.
  • Off shore: down-hole drilling tools.
  • Research.
  • Energy.
  • General Industry.

Expert in cables and miniature connectors

Axon’ Cable has gained a considerable expertise in thermoplastic extrusion, PTFE extrusion and taping. Cable assemblies and harnesses are made with composite cables and single wires insulated with:

  • Fluorinated materials (FEP, ETFE, PFA), PEEK.
  • PVC, TPE, PU, silicone, thermoplastic elastomers for medical applications.
  • Low hazard and halogen free materials.
  • Insulating materials dedicated to scientific and nuclear applications including: ETFE, polyimide, PU, crosslinked polyolefin.
  • Insulation materials able to withstand extreme temperatures (-196°C/+1050°C).
  • Irradiated materials (X-ETFE).
  • Axon’ special compounds.

Cable assemblies and harnesses can be terminated with different types of connectors and contacts including:

Electromagnetic and mechanical protection

Efficient shielding of wires, cables, cable assemblies and harnesses are required to protect cables and equipment against electromagnetic interference. Any electronic system can disturb its close environment by creating EMI interference or can be influenced by radiation. From the simulation to the control of the transfer impedance, Axon’ cable offers the most appropriate EMI protection with its:

  • Conductors
  • Shielding braid.
  • Overbraiding of harness branches.
  • Control of transfer impedance after the manufacture.

Mechanical protection is a key issue in many applications ranging from medical to defense. Right from the initial design of interconnects, Axon’ Cable takes into account this requirement not only in the choice of materials but also in the techniques of moulding and overmoulding.
Overmoulding not only provides mechanical protection for the cable/connector interface but can also serve many other purposes:

  • Shaping
  • Airtightness
  • Direction change
  • Absorption of repeated flexes
  • Provision of fixing points
  • Chemical resistance
  • Protection of shielding termination
  • Cosmetic aspect
  • Sterilisable overmoulding for medical applications.