Databus Cables:
Small-Sized and Lightweight

Databus cables are designed in compliance with the mil-std-1553 standard. They are 22, 24 and 26AWG screened twisted-pair cables insulated with PTFE or PFA. All of them are designed to meet 77Ω characteristic impedance. 24 AWG cables are a good compromise between the electrical, space and weight characteristics while 26 AWG cables provide weight saving. Axon’s data bus cables exist in different versions: aeronautics, space and Eurofighter.

  • All our data bus cables meet the MIL-STD-1553 standard.
  • Depending on the cable type, our data bus cables meet several specifications: MIL-C-17/176-00002, pr EN 3375, PANAVIA 6421, ECS 0700, SSQ 21655.
  • Operating temperature: -90°C to +200°C (ambient and peak temperatures).
  • Characteristic impedance: 77 Ω at 1 MHz.
  • Axon's data bus cables are available in 3 gauges: 22 AWG, 24 AWG, 26 AWG.
  • Special versions have been designed for space applications.
  • Lightweight versions are available. Made with a Celloflon® tape (expanded PTFE), the dielectric has very good electrical performances.
  • Better identification: in order to make the cabling easier, bus and stub cable can be differentiated with a striped colour tape put under a transparent jacket. This tape is very resistant to abrasion.
  • All our data bus cables can be mounted with our in-line couplers (AMB), removable box couplers (ADB), crimp couplers (ACC), relay couplers, mil-std-1553 connectors (ACB1).
  • Conductor: high resistance SPC alloy with 2μm silver plating (depends on the type)
  • Dielectric: extruded PTFE or polyimide tape, or Celloflon® expanded PTFE
  • Shielding braid: single or double braid with 2μm silver plating (depends on the type)
  • Outer jacket: PFA or FEP
  • Special cable versions on request
  • Mil-std-1553 data bus network

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