Data Bus In-Line Couplers:
the Best Solution for Weight Saving

Axon’ in-line couplers for MIL-STD-1553 databus networks are an excellent weight saving solution and a very reliable technology. In-line couplers are more dedicated to networks with a frozen design. But Axon’ offers a flexible solution with the LRU (Line Replaceable Unit) concept: the network can be cut in data bus sub-assemblies called LRU by couples of triaxial databus connectors (Axon’ ACB1 connectors) or splices. This makes the maintenance and handling easier as only the concerned sub-assembly needs to be changed or repaired.

  • Excellent weight saving solution
  • Excellent weight/dimensions compromise
  • Well known and reliable technology
  • LRU concept:
    • more flexibility to change only one sub-assembly of the data bus network
    • easier maintenance and handling
  • All our in line couplers meet the MIL-STD-1553 standard
  • Dependent on the type, our in line couplers meet the following standards:
    EN3567, STANAG 3838, SAE AS 4115, PAN 6421, JN 1042, JN 1052, JN 1176
  • Axon’ offers 3 versions of in-line couplers:
    • Aeronautic couplers qualified according to EN3567 (from 1 to 8 stubs)
    • EFA couplers qualified according to SPE-J-403-A-0070 (from 1 to 4 stubs)
    • Space couplers (from 1 to 4 stubs)
  • The core of in-line couplers: all our in line couplers are made with transformers which are engineered by Axon.
  • Axon’ identification code for in line couplers: AMB.
  • MIL-STD-1553 data bus network
  • Data transmission in aircrafts, rockets, satellites, space vehicles, orbital facility, helicopters, tanks, military ground equipment.

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