IEEE1394 High Speed Interconnects

Axon’ has developed cables and cable assemblies based on the IEEE1394 standard for spacecraft communication network. Axon’ IEEE1394 links provide reliable data transmission between the on-board devices. The cabling has been optimized in order to reduce the mismatching and crosstalk between lines at the maximum. The IEEE1394 cables are terminated with Axon’ micro-D connectors.

  • Designed for use in space.
  • Data transfer up to 800 Mb/s.
  • Good EMI performance.
  • Reliable data transmission: low skew, crosstalk and signal attenuation.
  • Operating temperature: -90°C / + 200°C.
  • Different designs of cable assemblies suited for Engineering Models (EM), Flight Models (FM) or lab tests.
  • Cable made with 2 screened twisted pairs or quads and one unscreened twisted pair.
  • Overall braided shield for EMI protection.
  • Wrapped PTFE jacket.
  • Terminated with Axon’ 9-way micro-D connectors (Direct connection with a PCB or CBR connector).
  • High data rate data transmission for IEEE1394 devices in spacecraft.

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