SpaceWire Links for Signal Integrity

Axon’ Cable has developed cables and connectors for SpaceWire interconnects, allowing reliable transmission of data at high speed (between 2 Mb/s and 400 Mb/s) between on-board devices in spacecraft. Axon’ SpaceWire cables and assemblies are approved to ESCC-E-50-12C. The cabling has been optimized in order to reduce the mismatching and crosstalk between lines at the maximum. The use of Celloflon®, expanded PTFE developed by Axon allows for low sizing, higher speed and fewer losses.
Axon’ has developed low mass SpaceWire which is the only one qualified to the ESCC3902/004 standard. It can be up to 50% lighter than standard versions, with improved flexibility, bend radius, radiation resistance and EMC performance!

  • Designed for use in space.
  • Based on LVDS spacecraft communication system to ECSS-E-ST-50-12C.
  • Data transfer up to 400 Mb/s while maintaining a wide working margin.
  • Integrity of LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) signals provided by the devices.
  • EMC performance.
  • Low skew, crosstalk and signal attenuation.
  • Radiation resistance : up to 300 Mrad (Low Mass SpaceWire)
  • Flexible cable for an easy installation
    • Operating temperature : - 200°C/+ 180°C (standard cable),-100°C/+150°C (Low mass version)
    • Impedance (between wires) : 100 Ω +/- 6 Ω at 400 MHz.
    • Analysis and tests for high speed PRBS signals up to 3.4 Gb/s.
    • In-house measurements : eye pattern, jitter, Zc, TDR, BER,…
  • Know-how approvals (PID approvals) delivered from the C.N.E.S (French ESA representative agency) for complete harness assembly.
  • Different designs of cable assemblies suited for Engineering Models (EM), Flight Models (FM) or lab tests.
SpaceWire links are full-duplex, point-to-point, serial data communication links.

  • ESCC 3902/003 qualified cables made with four 100 ohm shielded twisted pairs (26AWG and 28AWG).
  • Overall braided shield for EMI protection.
  • PFA jacket for high temperatures.
  • Terminated with ESCC 3401/029 EPPL 2 micro-miniature connectors.

Low Mass SpaceWire : 50 % lighter

  • ESCC 3902/004 qualified cables made with 4 shielded twisted pairs (28AWG).
  • Overall braided shield for EMI protection.
  • Polyimide Jacket for radiation resistance
  • Terminated with ESCC3401/029 EPPL 2 micro-miniature connectors.Cabling qualified to ESCC-E-ST-50-12C
  • High data rate data transmission in spacecraft.

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