High Data Rate Links up to 40 Gb/s:
Faster Transmission

AXOMACH™ is a range of high data rate interconnects designed for the transmission of high data rates up to 40 Gb/s. They are aimed, for example, at the interconnection of high definition imagery sensors in satellites. Made with low loss microwave coaxial cables, they can be terminated with different Micro-D based connectors designed by Axon’ Cable.

Axon' also offers AXOMACH™ interconnects compatible with the SpaceFibre standard.

  • Transmission of high data rates: up to 10 Gb/s per channel
  • Signal integrity
  • Low mismatching
  • Low crosstalk
  • Excellent EMC performance
  • Space saving: about half the width of a standard SMA connector for the same number of contacts.
  • Microwave coaxial cable Axowave™ 2.4 (AWG2401) or Quasi-flex™ hand-formable semi-rigid substitute.
  • Terminated with different kinds of Micro-D based connectors:
    • Cable mount connector
    • Panel mount connector
    • SMD connector
    • Saver connector
    • SMA panel mount connector
  • Interconnection of high definition imagery sensors in spacecraft including satellites for scientific mission or meteorological satellites.
  • Suitable for SpaceFiber applications
  • Mainly used for applications requiring TLK2711 chip which is member of the WizardLink multigibabit transceiver family These components are intended for use in ultrahigh-speed bidirectional point-to-point data transmission systems up to 10Gb/s per way (Baseband).

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