Bus Bars for Power Distribution

As vital components for electrical power distribution in telecommunication satellites and land-based weapon systems, the bus bars and battery bars developed by Axon’ ensure reliable distribution of constant energy. Bus bars and battery bars are flat which allows weight saving and better heat dissipation. They are made with silver plated pure aluminium or high conductivity aluminium alloy. Axon’s bus bars and battery bars equip many satellites of the EUROSTAR 3000 platform.

  • Distribution of energy between the different components of the batteries:
    • Between the solar array slip ring and the power system regulator
    • Between the batteries and the power system regulator
    • Between the power supply regulator system and the different devices in the satellite
    • Between battery pack groups
  • Mass reduction compared to a copper solution
  • High electrical conductivity of pure aluminium and aluminium alloy
  • Improved heat dissipation in comparison with a circular power cable bundle
  • Voltage drop of the power distribution chain can be significantly reduced
  • Over 10 year experience in bus bars
  • The construction of bus bars can be single layer or multi-layer
  • Depending on the application, different types of bars can be used (U shape, E shape, I shape)
  • Depending on the application, bus bars are made with
    • Aluminium alloy or silver plated pure aluminium
    • Polyimide adhesive tape
    • Epoxy or polyimide coating
    • Silicone potting
    • Glass fiber tape
  • Bar interconnection is carried out with dismountable flexible or rigid links.
  • To install the bus bars onto the spacecraft walls, Axon’ offers rigid and flexible fixtures.
    • Flexible fixtures enable the bar to flex with the spacecraft movement.
    • Rigid aluminium fixtures ensures fastening of the bar to the mechanical structure.
  • Power distribution in telecommunication satellites and land-based weapon systems

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