• Aeronautics

    Weight and space saving, high data rate, electromagnetic protection, shocks and vibration resistance, are requirements that Axon’products are able to meet. Discover our interconnect solutions for avionics applications.

  • Automotive

    Reliability, weight and space saving are requirements that Axon’ Cable takes into account to design cables and cable assemblies for automotive applications.
    This is then a real challenge to connect all the devices in reduced space environments.

  • Electronics

    In electronics, the trend to miniaturisation is obvious. From flat flexible cables, to composite cables and miniature connectors, Axon’ designs and manufactures interconnects for high tech electronics.

  • Energy

    Power distribution, radiation, high temperatures, flexibility , pressure and vibrations are challenges that energy industries including oil and gas exploration, renewable energy or nuclear power have to meet. Axon’offers interconnect solutions suited for the most demanding applications.

  • Industry

    Axon’ engineers composite cables, cable assemblies and connectors able to meet the most demanding requirements including resistance to extreme temperatures, chemical products, flexibility, flexlife and space saving.