Axon' products meet the most severe challenges of aeronautics

Our wires, custom designed cables, cable assemblies and connectors are designed to meet the most severe challenges including weight saving, miniaturisation, flexibility, high frequency, high data rate, electromagnetic protection, reliability, mechanical resistance, data transmission and resistance to extreme temperatures.

  • Lightweight Wires and Cables
    Lightweight Wires and Cables

    Wires and cables made with lightweight conductors and high performance materials can reduce mass in aircrafts where each gram counts. High flexible wires can greatly ease mechanical installation when the available space is very limited. A large range of our wires and composite cables are designed for the very specific needs of aeronautics applications.

  • Micro Miniature Connectors
    Micro Miniature Connectors

    Micro-D connectors and cable assemblies are micro-miniature solutions which rise to the challenge of demanding applications and harsh environments. Robust, resistant to shocks and vibrations but small sized, Micro-D connectors are perfectly suited to a multitude of systems where weight, miniaturisation or signal transmission are paramount: guidance systems, onboard equipment, satellites and flight sticks.

  • Data Bus Networks
    Data Bus Networks

    MIL-STD-1553 transmission networks offer high security of data and signal integrity. They allow for weight and space saving, better reliability and simplified diagnostics of avionics. Axon’ s databus products are used for applications including aircrafts, helicopters, weapon systems, missiles and satellites.

  • High data rate
    High data rate

    High data rate cables and connectors for Voice-Data-Image transmission are used in on-board electronics: Fibre Channel links, Ethernet assemblies, IEEE1394, custom designed links. High data rate links transmit signals over large distances with high fidelity and reliability.

  • Protection against EMI
    Protection against EMI

    Cables and interconnect assemblies are often the first systems affected by electromagnetic interference. From the first design of the cable and the complete interconnect, AXON’s engineers are able to intervene and advise with their own simulation software to define the shielding.