Axon’ offers reliable interconnect solutions for automotive industry

More and more high tech electronics equip cars for the safety and well-being of car drivers. This is then a real challenge to connect all the devices in reduced space environments. Reliability, weight and space saving are requirements that Axon’ Cable takes into account to design cables and cable assemblies for automotive applications.

  • high resistance
    High resistance

    Resistant to flexing, torsion, abrasion or high temperatures, Axon’ wires are designed to connect for example sensors, electromagnets in the gear box and wiper switch to the PCB. Axon’ offers composite cables which are used for example to connect electromagnets in the gear box. Chemically inert, they are able to resist engine fluids and high temperature.

  • power

    High current capacity, severe temperature, protection against electromagnetic interference, chemical and mechanical resistance in a reduced space are requirements that flexible power cables, Flexforce™ meet.

  • protection against EMI
    Protection against EMI

    Protecting electronic systems from electromagnetic interference (EMI) is a key issue, mainly for electrical vehicles. Axon’s engineers offer the most appropriate solutions to protect not only the cable but also the electrical systems.

  • board to board interconnects
    Board-to-board interconnects

    Easy to install, flexible and lightweight, the flat flexible cables offered by Axon’ Cable are designed to connect infotainment systems, cruise control or car radio, GPS systems and displays. Axon’ Cable designs and manufactures Flat cables and overmoulded flat cable assemblies used for the cabling of Switch Rotary Connectors in Airbags.

  • overmoulded parts
    Overmoulded parts

    Axon' Mechatronics, division Loupot, a company of Axon’ Cable, designs and manufactures interconnect parts for automotive including signalling, lights, sensors, Airbags®, ABS sensors, steering wheels and car cell.

  • Electronic Interconnects
    Electronic Interconnects

    Axon' Pintec, a company of the Axon’ group, manufactures interconnect Pin Headers and Wire Pins for the automotive industry. These components are mainly used as board-to-board interconnects.