Smaller and quicker

When you compare mobile phones of the 1980s and today’s smartphones, no doubt that devices which are currently manufactured are much smaller and have many more functions. This is exactly the same with cables, cable assemblies and connectors manufactured by Axon’ Cable for electronics.

  • Axon’ Cable has a long expertise in the manufacture of Flat Flexible Cables. Small (available in 0.30 mm pitch), flexible, compatible with ZIF/LIF connectors, flat flexible cables can be used in numerous application areas in notebooks, printers, CD and DVD players, LCD displays, full HD displays, car radios, etc. To connect full HD displays with the LVDS protocol, Axon’ Cable has developed 100 Ω shielded flat flexible cables. They allow for excellent high speed signal transmission for high quality images.

  • Miniaturisation and space saving. These are the requirements of many electronic applications. Axon’ Cable designs wires and composite cables as small as possible to save space in these necessarily compact electronic devices. The trend to miniaturisation also concerns sensors which can be found in everyday objects but also into machines, medical equipment, cars and robots. Axon’ Cable offers wires and cables for sensors including thermocouples, coaxial cables and miniature coaxial cables.

  • Axon’ Cable offers micro-D connectors which are perfectly suited to a multitude of systems where weight, miniaturisation or signal transmission are key issues: guidance systems, on-board equipment, GPS systems, etc. Axon’ Micro-D Printed Circuit Board connectors are designed for interconnection of PCB’s inside-the-box to external cables.

  • Mechatronics and Interconnects
    Mechatronics and Interconnects

    Axon’ Mechatronics and Axon' Pintec, companies of the Axon’ group, are respectively specialized in mechatronics and interconnect components for board-to-board connection.