High temperatures, radiation, flexibility, power distribution, pressure and vibrations. These are challenges that energy industries including oil and gas exploration, renewable energy or nuclear power have to meet. Right from the outset in designing hybrid, spiral, flat or round interconnects, Axon’ Cable takes into account these requirements. With its micro-D connectors, Axon’ is able to offer miniature interconnect solutions suited for the most demanding applications.

  • extreme operating conditions
    Extreme operating conditions

    Oil and gas exploration requires resistance to high temperatures. As a specialist in miniaturized fluorinated wires, Axon’ Cable offers equipment wires able to resist temperatures from -90°C to +260°C.
    Composite cables designed by Axon’ Cable are made with special insulating materials with outstanding resistance to aggressive environments (oil, solvents, chemicals, abrasion, etc). Combinations of cables made of twisted pairs, shielded, high-flex, power or coaxial cables can be offered for down hole applications.

  • power

    High current capacity and flexibility. These are requirements that Flexforce™ Flexible power cables and cable assemblies are able to meet for applications including wind power or marine current power.

  • radiation

    Axon’ Cable has developed wires and cables able to resist radiation and high temperatures. Insulated with different materials including ETFE and polyimide, they can be used as instrumentation, control and sensor cables in nuclear plants.

  • aggressive environment
    Aggressive environment

    To withstand aggressive environment, Axon’ Cable offer cable assemblies and harnesses which are moulded or overmoulded. Axon’ techniques allow significant improvements in flexlife, ergonomy, watertightness and robustness of the complete assembly.

  • space and weight saving
    Space and weight saving

    Not only round cables but also flat cables can be useful for energy industries. Depending on the construction, Flat cables can save weight but also resist to severe constraints including shocks, vibrations, lifetime and thermal expansion. They can be connected to batteries in very severe environment. Used in solar panels, flat cables have to withstand ultraviolet radiation.

  • miniaturisation

    Axon’ Cable can offer a complete range of rectangular Micro-D connectors in all forms of assemblies: PCB, pigtails, savers, strips, solder cup and complex multi-branched harnesses. For the most demanding offshore applications, filtered, low profile, non magnetic , hermetic connectors and circular connectors can be offered.